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January 29, 2013

Data Sutra 4.0 Released

Ready to move to the web and mobile in a big way?


After eight months of development and rigorous testing with Servoy 6.1.x, today we are releasing Data Sutra version 4.0. The marque features of this release are:

• a refreshed UI (tablet compatible)
• an awesome new web client
• a ton of ground breaking web customizations
• fully tested on webkit browsers, iPads and high-end Android tablets

Just how good is Data Sutra 4.0? Well, you can try it right now. We have two demo servers up and running:

US Server
Europe Server

We've scaled out our support infrastructure to handle as many developers that want to hop on board. Check out the new dedicated website:

Data Sutra website

How much does it cost you ask? Data Sutra is now AGPLv3 open source. No code locking — go for it.

We also have a Premium plan with a commercial license, code locking service (IP protection), and exclusive forum access if you are developing applications that you will not be releasing open source.

If you're still reading, we are running a "stealth" special through the end of this month (January 2013, two days left!) where if you sign up for our Premium plan — instead of the listed prices of $35/monthly|$300/yearly, when you get over to PayPal you will see $10/monthly|$100/yearly.

This price will stay the same for as long as you remain a Data Sutra Premium subscriber. Early adopter goodness.

Thank you to all the beta testers who have banged away at our servers and our code. If you see something working or something looking really cool that you suggested, well — it's because you suggested it.

And lastly, a special thanks to all the Servoy engineers who made 6.1.3 happen. I think there was one day where we saw 5 or so of you working on our open cases at the same time. Really cool iterating with you and loving the results.

Cheers - David and Troy


Posted by David Workman on January 29, 2013 at 11:20 AM in Module, News | Permalink


Congratulations. Very nice interface. What is the relationship between your CMS and CRM offerings and Data Sutra?

Posted by: Dean Westover | Jan 31, 2013 4:15:04 PM

Thanks Dean! We'll be opening up a Marketplace March 2013 for modules and tools that work with Data Sutra. We're currently putting the final touches on auto-detecting modules, rules for modules to expose Data Sutra meta data, and an app registry pane.

Anyone can list open source modules and Premium members can list retail modules. All modules have to pass a Troy inspection.

We'll be releasing modules obviously as well. Already Sutra CMS over on ServoyForge integrates nicely and is being actively worked on/with.

Posted by: David Workman | Jan 31, 2013 5:52:48 PM

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