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October 22, 2004

[Challenge] Spotlight on Tabs

Marcel has stepped up to the plate and delivered a nice example on the use of tab panels. Cool screen shots. (I'm still looking for an example that shows multiple nested tab panels.)

Order_screen_1 Order_screen_2

In his words:

The attached screenshots show the order form of my solution IT2Print. IT2Print is the solution for (digital) printers to maintain a fast, versatile and fluid administrative order flow.

The form doesn't have a whole lot of panels in it. To be exact it is 4 panels. But what I like about it is the use of hidden panels. Because of this the user is presented with a very 'clean' form changing information in a 'natural' way.

Topleft: a table view of all orders of this customer based on a relation orders_to_all_orders_by_organizationid.

Bottom left: a table view of all items within this printing order. This view is based on a relation orders_to_orderitems.

On the right there is one panel with detail information about each item you can select in the bottom left table based on the same relation orders_to_orderitems.

Comparing the two forms shows you that there 'generic' item information. On the top and bottom of the right panel you see this information.

In the middle of that panel there is another (again hidden) panel holding specific information based on the relationship orderitems_to_orderitems.

Courtesy of Marcel Trapman

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